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Slezak: Stop Over-Development of Glen Cove–Sept. 30 Council, Planning Board Vote on Villa

By   /  September 13, 2014  /  1 Comment

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The overdevelopment of Glen Cove is taking place right now but few residents are aware of the process. It is imperative that the public now becomes informed, vocal, and assumes an active participation, to ascertain whether or not each specific project will be an asset or a detriment to the community at large. The will of the people should be paramount and not disregarded. We did not choose to live in a suburb by the Long Island Sound, only to have it become transformed into a copy of Queens, because of the misguided vision of a few City officials in past administrations. The current administration will now have the opportunity to rectify this situation, thereby taking responsibility for its own actions.Villa, Looking Downhill Glen Cove Ave

The Villa Project is scheduled to be voted upon, on Sept.30th at City Hall. The Planning Board and the City Council will hold a joint meeting, at that time, which is open to the general public. The Villa project is to be located on Glen Cove Ave., on one of our only 2 gateway corridors, proposes 194 units, and will be capable of housing approximately 776 occupants within a 2 block, narrow, curving strip of land, on a dangerously steep hill. The amended zoning law applicable to that location, (which is null and void), is called the RIO-GCA (Redevelopment Incentive Overlay – Glen Cove Avenue).

All legislation passed by the City of Glen Cove must be filed with the Secretary of State, by law. It has recently been discovered by watchdog residents, that Glen Cove, over a period of years, neglected to follow that procedure. As a result, all legislation passed by Glen Cove during that time frame, which was not filed with the Secretary of State, is null and void. The City has been informed that the Master Plan and the zoning changes specified in Section 280 of the Zoning Amendments to the City Code, fall into that category. Therefore, the City cannot continue to allow these projects to be built, based on laws that do not exist! It is a flawed concept to even discuss, no less vote, on projects that have no legal basis. However, the City is continuing to move forward to do exactly that.

This is a disaster in the making. Those who proclaim that Glen Cove needs more available housing to improve its finances are ill-advised. For example, both Avalons and The Glen Arms, always advertise apartment vacancies and we have many houses listed for sale, in all price ranges. They have not positively affected our economy. The City grants developers and selective businesses, PILOTS (Payments in Lieu of Taxes), for a variable period of years, which are much lower than their normal local taxes. The shortfall must be absorbed into the property taxes paid by the City’s homeowners, each year, for the duration of the PILOT. The Regency just had its PILOT extended for a period of 40 years, despite the fact that they have defaulted on their bonds that were used to finance it. Therefore, the Glen Cove taxpayer is subsidizing businesses, even though they are performing poorly.

The totality of all the following projects would increase our population by at least 25%: The Villa (194 units), The Village Square Piazza (110 units), Carney St. Apts. (50 units), The Mews (72 Units), Garvies Point Waterfront Project (860 – 1110 units), North Manor Estates (Glen Cove Mansion – 46 units), and Sea Isle (8 units). There are also projects pending, under discussion: The Triangle (STAPLES), and the Konica Imaging and Photocircuit sites.Villa Uphill

We need your help. It is up to all of us, – we the people – , to save our City.  We must immediately take all necessary action to protect the value of our homes and quality of life, and to preserve Glen Cove as a suburban, waterfront community, with a country atmosphere. Do not allow it to be transformed into a huge mass of high density Queens style apartment complexes, with their associated problems, making our City unrecognizable. YOU can prevent that from happening, by contacting us to obtain additional information as soon as possible, to discuss the ways you may contribute to our mutual cause. Please refer to the contact information shown below. Time is of the essence. It would also be tremendously helpful if you would make copies of this letter and distribute it to your friends and neighbors.

Thank You.


Glen Cove Citizens for Balanced Development

                     Contact Information: grace.slezak@gmail.com    Cell Phone: 516-768-1000

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1 Comment

  1. Robert Panzenbeck says:

    Glen Cove and nearly every other community like it in New York are on a race to the bottom. This concept of bribing businesses to come here is the first step towards paying them to stay when the benefits run out.

    As Grace accurately points out, none of this so called development has resulted in any sort of economic growth for Glen Cove. We need smart development, not giveaways.

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