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Slezak: The Villa at Glen Cove is No Villa

By   /  October 9, 2014  /  No Comments

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Thank you for your outstanding turnout and participation in the very long, overdue Public Hearing we have ever had on The Villa Project.  This was the first time that WE, the people of Glen Cove and the neighboring towns, who are also adversely affected and will feel its ramifications as well, have even been given the opportunity to voice our opinions on such a critical topic. The project would drastically render our beautiful, suburban peninsula unrecognizable.

The Villa at Glen Cove. Credit: FEIS, GC Planning Board

The Villa at Glen Cove. Credit: FEIS, GC Planning Board

There was a half-hour delay in starting the meeting because the City and the Developer did not confer on the starting time. It was very disturbing that the Applicant, his attorney and architect, were allowed to start the hearing, (which was the first time the public had been given the right to speak), in spite of the fact that the developer had been allowed to make his presentation on numerous occasions previously. The Applicant’s representatives spoke for roughly 20 minutes each, using up an hour of the public’s time. However, each time a member of the community spoke, they were disproportionately limited to 3 to 4 minutes. The next public meeting should be devoted entirely to the general public. The Applicant has been heard adnauseam.

Concerned citizens packed the chamber, with standing room filled to beyond capacity, spilling over into the balcony. It should be very clear to the City Council and Planning Board now, that the public does not want The Villa Project. We expect our government officials to respect our wishes. This applicant is an electrical contractor and a self-proclaimed “developer”. He purchased parcels of land starting in 2004 and continued to buy more until the 2 blocks were completely owned by him. He neglected those properties, thereby creating his own blight, and additionally, he neglected to pay approx. $300,000 in local taxes on them.

GC resident holds up a photo of "structured parking".

GC resident holds up a photo of “structured parking”.

There should be no further progress on this application until his financial position has been thoroughly investigated, revealed and documented. Due diligence is necessary. If he cannot pay his taxes, how can he finance the project? When did Glen Cove last undertake an analysis of his funding (if ever)? He is inexperienced as a builder, (this will be his first endeavor), and The Villa Project is located at the bottom of a very steep, dangerous hillside. Can the City also give the taxpayers a guarantee that they will not give him a PILOT, which forces the taxpayer to subsidize him? The public needs answers to these questions before the next hearing takes place.

Another Public Hearing and joint Planning Board and City Council meeting will be held in about a month.  During this time, I would greatly appreciate hearing from those of you who would like to join a group of concerned residents to share ideas and continue our mission to prevent our City’s destruction, preserve our quality of life, save the City from a population explosion of epic proportions, prevent our already congested traffic situation from worsening into a severely dangerous safety threat to the entire peninsula, keep our property values from plummeting and protect our lovely surroundings from vanishing right before our eyes.

I am both a homeowner and business owner in Glen Cove.  As a real estate broker, I have experience working with builders, contractors, developers, engineers, buyers, sellers, tenants, architects, surveyors, attorneys, banks, mortgage brokers, etc.  Being a real estate professional, I am uniquely qualified to state unequivocally how devastating The Villa project will be to all of us. There are other solutions that can be applied to the area. I am confident that better concepts will be offered for it, given the opportunity!

Please contact me by email at grace.slezak@gmail.com or by cell phone: 516-768-1000. I look forward to hearing from you. THE VILLA PROJECT IS WRONG, DANGEROUSLY WRONG!

Glen Cove Citizens for Balanced Development

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