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Some Waterfront Opponents Call for Glen Cove Boycott

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In full disclosure, Mike Bruschini (founder of the Gold Coast Beacon) and I are administrators of a Facebook group known as the “Glen Cove Forum.”  I recently posted a screenshot of a website known as “boycottglencove.com” and called the group “fanatics.”  The group, which is allegedly known as “Boycott Glen Cove,” wants to punish local business owners for the proposed Glen Cove Waterfront Development project.  It stated:

With a mayor and planning board determined not to listen to local citizens or respect the North Shore’s storied history as a bucolic, residential community, it has occurred to us that the only thing they may listen to is “the money.” 

With this sentiment in mind, we call on residents of all North Shore towns and villages to  suspend shopping and stop using all services located within the City of Glen Cove.

You stay classy Boycott Glen Cove and stick it to that innocent business owner for the deeds of his or her government–that makes perfect sense!


The group listed Glen Cove companies to boycott and their North Shore-based alternatives until “the proposed development at Garvies Point is halted or decreased in scope.” 

If the group’s logic wasn’t nutty enough, the conspiratorial recriminations that followed against myself and the Glen Cove Forum were even more bizarre.  A commentator known as “Jack Vilella,” whose real name is Dennis Giacomo Vilella, stated the following:    

It’s not hard to figure out who’s behind something like [the boycott website].  This is a creation by the forces that have been working so hard against the best interests of Glen Cove since last year…Is it any coincidence that the website seemed to be birthed from the Glen Cove Forum page here on FB [Facebook]? 

If you look at the admins for that group (as well as the original poster [a reference to me] of the new website and others closely connected to that group page), you can readily identify those who have worked so desperately to prop up the current administration to the detriment of the citizens of Glen Cove.

Holy tin foil hat Dennis…I mean…Jack!  Just for the record: the Glen Cove Forum admins did not create the boycott website or have any involvement with the group behind it.   

jack villela 1

This is not the first time a group called for boycotting Glen Cove over a waterfront-related project.  About 16 years ago, a group known as “The Alliance Against the Ferry” called for not only a boycott of Glen Cove’s merchants but also a “naval blockade, by which small boat owners would attempt to block the ferry’s movement.”  The group consisted of Sea Cliff residents.  The following is a selection of a story found in a Jan. 21, 2000 article in the Glen Cove Record Pilot titled, “Suozzi: Get True Facts to the Public”:

The mayor announced, on Jan. 19, that Mayor Claudia Moyne of Sea Cliff sent him a letter that morning refusing his offer to participate in an open discussion to address all of the issues raised by Mayor Moyne and her colleagues, a group of activists calling themselves, “The Alliance Against the Ferry.”

The Alliance, in their efforts to stop the ferry, ran a rally and fund-raising campaign at the Sea Cliff School last week. The meeting produced suggestions from participants ranging from a naval blockade, by which small boat owners would attempt to block the ferry’s movement, to a boycott of Glen Cove’s merchants in order to punish them. Several days later, a flyer appeared on windshields throughout the City of Glen Cove with the admonition, “Boycott Glen Cove” stating that “Glen Cove cannot survive without our dollars…..cut off all revenue to Glen Cove and Mayor Suozzi and the ferry will go down.” The flyer predicted that “this will be Mayor Suozzi’s last stand.”

Is history repeating itself?  That’s for the reader to decide. 

Some Glen Cove residents who oppose the Waterfront Development project found the boycott to be downright dumb.  Former Glen Cove United city council candidate Flip Pidot is against the project.  He created a Facebook group to attract like-minded persons; however, he agreed that harming Glen Cove businesses with a boycott is counterproductive to the anti-development cause.  “The official position of the founder is that the idea of boycotting Glen Cove businesses is, in a word, stupid,” Pidot stated. 

The Boycott Glen Cove website is down as of this writing perhaps due to the public outcry.  Let’s hope it stays that way. 

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