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A Few Loyal Republicans

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Credit: Facebook.  Spagnoletti is on the left.  

Robert Herrera, who claims to be a Trump campaign volunteer, called Glen Cove City Councilman Efraim Spagnoletti “one of the few loyal Republicans left in America and especially in New York.”  Open that checkbook because there is a bridge in Brooklyn for sale.  Sources tell the Gold Coast Beacon that Spagnoletti has been actively courting the Glen Cove Democratic Party to run on its city council ticket this coming Election Day.  Spagnoletti allegedly had a recent meeting with Democratic mayoral candidate Timothy Tenke.  Sources say Tenke denied Spagnoletti’s request to join him for now.

Would Spagnoletti be a perfect fit for the Democrats?  He would join Republican-turned-Democrat Councilman Roderick Watson.  Watson, who also ran with Spagnoletti on the Glen Cove United (GCU) Party line, implored voters to support him in 2015.  He stated in the Oct. 28, 2015 edition of the Glen Cove Record Pilot, “If elected on Nov. 3, I will become the first African-American Republican candidate elected in the 21st century to political (i.e. non-judicial) office not only in Glen Cove, but also in Nassau County.”  Newsday reported earlier this year that Watson left the Republican Party as the result of an epiphany.

“I started realizing where my values are,” Watson said.  He said is not sure if he will run for re-election this year. Watson, 41, said he had been a registered Republican his entire adult life.—“Glen Cove City Councilman Roderick Watson changes his party affiliation,” Newsday Jan. 26, 2017

It is possible that Watson, who was a self-proclaimed lifelong Republican, conveniently changed his party registration due to newfound political leanings.  It is also possible that he realized being the least favorite Republican in Glen Cove would not win him re-election in 2017.  Without the GCU line, Spagnoletti and Watson would not have won their council seats in 2015.  They received 942 and 840 votes, respectively.  This was far below other council candidates from the Republican and Democratic parties.  How else could bottom feeders such as Spagnoletti and Watson rise to the top this year?  Infiltrate the Glen Cove Democratic Party.

Credit: Nassau County Board of Elections


Credit: Facebook.  DeRiggi-Whitton (L) and Watson (R)

Sources tell the Beacon that Tenke already selected Watson, who seems to have the backing of Democratic Nassau County Legislator Delia DeRiggi-Whitton, and he is considering two additional GCU Party followers for city council.  It appears that Spagnoletti and Watson are not loyal to any particular party or political ideology.  They just need a new major party to help them overcome a mathematical improbability.

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